Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cross Me Off Your List

Hey Saturnites! I'm reading through Cross Me Off Your List right now, and you guys are going to love it! Who couldn't love a mixture of Saturn and Crescent Cove? The main character, Marisol, is very different from both Chloe and Darby, but she may just be my favorite of the three!

I'm going to be spending my day in Crescent Cove with her and the Saturn boys, and I can't wait for you guys to lose yourself there soon! Get excited because you're going to be getting this book sooner than you think! For now, enjoy a snippet of the book!

I lean back against the elevator wall and hope a good opening line comes to me before I make it to his hotel room door. I really hope the invite was legit…and that he was sober. God, I’ll feel like the biggest fool in California if he was buzzed and doesn’t even remember the girl with the ice bucket.

The elevator door dings on the fourth floor, and I stare at my flip flops, willing them to move but not let me trip.

“Well, look who decided to join the party,” a guy says.

In a romantic comedy, I’d look up and lock eyes with Noah’s pretty greens, and my face would flush and I’d bat my eyelashes while he told me he’s happy to see me. 


Much love,