Monday, December 8, 2014

D is for Darby Mcmillon

Darby McMillon is the queen of the Saturnites. Before the guys were a big hit around the world, she was the only person that dug deep enough into the internet's depths to find out the latest gossip on the Spaceships Around Saturn guys. It made her happy to be able to fill the rest of the world in on her boys. Now her life is becoming what she's dreamed of for the last three years.She's getting the real scoop from the guys themselves! Can she handle the excitement and the pressure, or will she crack from it all and lose everything she's dreamed of?

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As one of the original Saturnites, Darby McMillon has been a longtime face of the fandom. From the days when the boys were just a YouTube band trying to gain fans up through their recent lockdown, Darby's channel - Darby's Daily Dose of Drama - was the "go to" spot for all things Spaceships Around Saturn. 

Until now, she's been trusted by most and envied by few, but her meet up with SAS girlfriend Chloe Branson shakes Darby's world. She learns quickly that when you're with the band, everything isn't always red carpets and music videos. 

And the closer she gets to her SAS crush Tate Kingsley, the closer she comes to losing her Saturnite status forever. 

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