Monday, December 8, 2014

E is for Envious Fans and S is for SAS's Security Team

Hey Saturnites! Sorry I missed my post yesterday, but I was pretty busy and didn't have time to do it. Today you get two posts in one!

There's one thing every Saturn girlfriend, and anyone close to the SAS boys, have to deal with - envious fans. You have fans who want the boys to be happy, even if that means their crush is dating another girl, but others won't stand for it. Darby soon finds out that some of her fandom friends who she thought would never turn on her start sending death threats. They accuse her of 'changing' and 'neglecting her vlog'. She learns very quickly that not everything is stardust and moonlight in the SAS world.

Can she get her Saturnite status back on track, or will she lose everything she's worked for over the years as she gets closer to Tate Kingsley?

SAS Securitttty

Everyone who is anyone in the SAS fandom knows who Tank Rodriguez is. He's tall, built, Cuban, Benji Baccarini's best friend, and SAS's head bodyguard. When Tank isn't helping out the SAS guys, he's privately employed by the Branson family to watch out for Chloe and Emery (Aralie said she didn't need a bodyguard!), and he mainly sticks with Chloe, Milo, and Benji during Saturn events. 

Let's move on to Axel. On planet Saturn, it is his job to make sure the candy-loving boy, Tate Kingsley, remains safe at all times. Watching out for Tate means he also watches out for Darby. Want to know more about Tate's bodyguard? Of course you do. ;)

So make sure to buy your own copy of Kids In Love on August 29th and learn more about all of the SAS bodyguards! :)

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As one of the original Saturnites, Darby McMillon has been a longtime face of the fandom. From the days when the boys were just a YouTube band trying to gain fans up through their recent lockdown, Darby's channel - Darby's Daily Dose of Drama - was the "go to" spot for all things Spaceships Around Saturn. 

Until now, she's been trusted by most and envied by few, but her meet up with SAS girlfriend Chloe Branson shakes Darby's world. She learns quickly that when you're with the band, everything isn't always red carpets and music videos. 

And the closer she gets to her SAS crush Tate Kingsley, the closer she comes to losing her Saturnite status forever. 

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